Chokladmousse – Mickes sammanfattad

Easy chocolate mousse with variations

There is many ways to make chocolate mousse, but it seems that the result isn’t that different; the main point is the choice of chocolate and the flavouring.

If you don’t like dark chocolate you can use a ”ordinary”, simple one, but add a couple of squares of a dark one, to add a little character to the taste.

3 dl Cream
4 egg yolks
2 table spoons sugar
250g chocolate
1 table spoon sugar

Add a flavour to your taste:

2-4 table spoons brandy or whisky (good to dark chocolate (a more ”adult” mousse)
2-3 table spoons concentrated orange juice
2 table spoons strong coffe


schredded orange peel
chocolate sprinkle
schredded dark or white chocolate
a patterna made of chocolate sauce

Brake the the chocolate into pieces and melt it carefully

Whip the cream – not too hard

While you stir, add the yolks slowly, then sugar and flavour(s) to taste.

Lastly, keep stirring and add the melted chocolate.

Pour inte dessert bowls and put into the fridge for at least two hours.

Before serving, sprinkle topping of your choice.

You can also do some variations like pouring cholocate or caramel sauce, or a chocolate mousse with another flavour in the middle of the dessert bowl before the fridge and let it sink to a string in the middle.

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